September 2014 Meeting Minutes

9/22/14, 6:30 pm

Motion to approve August minutes, Mary, Paula, 2nd.

Treasurer’s Report, Scrip Report-Roberta

Several teacher requests presented, discussed whether we need to have a separate meeting just for budget concerns.

Mrs. Chrapek request approved, Mrs. Kosak Velcro request tabled, Kindergarten field trip tabled until Jessica meets with Mr. Lepech and we get more info on other kdg field trips.  Mrs. Antor and Mrs. Lindeboom requests for help cataloging books. Elaine will take care of that.

Mr. Benham (gym sound equipment) and Mrs. Foster’s (Art Prize) requests were approved.

Discussed upcoming Fazoli’s dinner and who was taking care of what.

Pennies for Patients dates will be the first two weeks after spring break.

Entertainment books to be sold by order form, starting on October 17th.  All schools will sell.

Elementary box tops contest will run from October 6-10.

No Grass Roots or School Improvement Updates

Open Discussion-how to disperse Entertainment Book earnings among the three schools.  No decision was made.

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm.