September 2019 PTCO meeting minutes

September Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes


May and August meeting minutes approved by Roberta and Kelly

Board Briefs read by Roberta and Kelly

Script & Expense Report presented by Roberta.

Needs to be handled immediately:

Discussed Money owed to Script Account and how to handle additional funds due. All voted and was unanimous that the money due by this person must be paid in full by Jan 2020. If not court action will be taken. Future script users must be closely monitored from now on.

Discussed fundraiser or cash donation for Anita Kosak and her family for expenses they are incurring due to her husband being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. All proceeds from the Homecoming dinner will be donated to Anita and family. 

Website/ Teacher Requests:

Deb from the office requested a money donation to get candy for the Halloween Walk Through. This was approved through email. Roberta and Danyle will give her a gift card through Script.

Deb also asked for a volunteer for picture retakes. Riannah will do this.

Sara Schutt asked for donation for walk-a-thon prizes. We approved through email. Danyle will order gift cards through script. We also gave them free popcorn vouchers. Arie took care of this.

Billie Freeland asked for volunteers for cutting fleece in her classroom this week. Arie helped out that day, was also put on Facebook.

Barb Weston asked for a donation to purchase 3 ring binders for all of 2nd grade. We approved this through email, Roberta gave her a check.


T-shirt sale has been a success this year. We have sold all shirts and will be ordering more this week. Would like to have extras on hand for those who forgot to order. Arie will order extras.

Recent Pappa P’s fundraiser was also a big success.

A.J Family Fun fundraiser was not good, only sold 4. 

Kendra will teach a Sign Making Class for a future fundraiser, date and details will be discussed later.

Past/ Current/ Upcoming Events:

Homecoming Dinner Kendra has planned and will set up to do lists soon.

3 and 4 year old’s First Day of School donuts and cider table went well for the 4yr olds, not a lot of interest with the 3yr olds. Setting the table up in the Cafeteria was a good location.

Snow cone sales are going well. Roberta will get the supplies that are needed.

First popcorn sale is Oct. 3rd, Riannah, Val, Wendy, Nancy and Roberta will help.

First Box Top Competition is October 7th -11th. Riannah will go in on that Friday to collect them and whoever can count can pick them up in the PTCO room. 

SANTA SHOP coming soon, Keep shopping!!

Santa Coming to Kent City- Val will head this up for Dec.14th.

What is Flywheel? Kelly looked into, it’s a 3rd party wanting to run our website for a fee. We will disregard this for future reference.

Next Meeting will be October 28th at 6:30pm at the park, weather permitting.