September 2018

Kent City PTCO September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Past/ Current/ Upcoming Projects :

Popcorn October 4th 830 am Thurs.- Paula, Arie, Ray, Kendra, Roberta and Nancy be present

Flyers- Kendra and Arie will do by Oct 2nd

Need boxes

Box Top Competition Oct 8th

Counters- Arie, Kendra, Wendy, Nancy, Paula, Val and Ray

Danielle will ask Middle School when they want to do the competition.

Ray will be collecting on Oct 8th, counters pick up on Friday and count over the weekend.  *50 box tops per snack bags.

Flyer needs to be made of items we collect to go along with Box Top Competition flyer.

1 point for each Family Fare receipt (entire receipt)- Voted yes by Arie.

Homecoming Dinner

– Facility request needed for Homecoming dinner- Danielle will take care of this.

– Beth ordering food through school then we will pay back the school.

– Desserts- Kendra, Ray, Roberta, Danielle’s mom, Arie, Val, Paula.

Mom 2 Mom sale– Try again next year, we’ll advertise earlier.

Fundraiser idea from Val:

Penny wars: Penny = + for class

Silver counts against

Possible prize for class with highest amount will get an extra recess, “prize will be determined”

Pre-K coffee ideas for next year:

Move closer to 3’s room.  Less food is needed.

Will discuss later End of Year party in the park.

Santa Shop:  Arie will lead

Val and Nancy will help with shopping.

Keep shopping.

Everyone needs to help out with Santa Shop.

Open Discussion: Mr. Kutzli – 25$ donation to March of Dimes in the family name.

Conference dinner for teachers– Nov. 7th Middle and High School.

Elementary Nov. ?

Danielle will create Sign Up Genius.

Next Meeting Oct 22nd @ 630pm at the administration building.