September 2017

Kent City PTCO

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2017

August meeting minutes discussed and approved:

Principal Discussion: N/A

Board Briefs:

Roberta Scrip & Expense Reports:

Teacher Requests:

*Approved $300 to  Mrs. Hayes’ request for first grade field trip to Maple Ridge One Room Schoolhouse. Roberta to email Mrs. Hayes, figure out who to write check out to.

*Mr. Benham Mile Run Volunteers:

  -Sarah to help Wednesday, September 27 from 9 to 11am.

              -Mandi to help Thursday, September 28 from 9 to 11:45am.

  -Paula to help Friday, September 29 from 10:55 to 11:45am.

  -Riannah to help Monday, October 2 from 9:30 to 11:45am.

  -Paula to help Tuesday, October 3 from 10-11:45am.

Current/Upcoming Projects:

*Homecoming Dinner (September 29, 5-7pm)

  -Went over food ordered. Discussed Volunteers. Sarah donating paper products. Roberta to grab petty cash.

*Sno-Cones at Varsity Football Games

  -Paula and Kelly @ Homecoming (9/29)

              -Mandi @ Senior/Rocket Night (10/6)

*Popcorn Sale (10/6)

  -Sarah will make flyers and get them out to teachers.

  -Paula will begin popping on Thursday, October 5 at 9:30am. Rainnah and Jenn to help. Roberta to help in afternoon.

  -Sarah to deliver on Friday, October 6.

**We also voted/approved to “eat costs” on popcorn expenses from 2016/2017 school year.**

*Box Top Competition (10/9-10/13)

              –Mandi will do flyers. Everyone to pick up box tops to cut/count on Friday, October 13. Will do floats for winning classes.

*Fall Fundraiser

  – Discussed and decided not to do a fall fundraiser this year.

*Secret Santa Shop

  -Mandi to confirm dates with Mrs. Thomas. Would like to do December 11 through December 15.

Open Discussion:

**Voted to REMOVE Shannon Crane from bank account(s) and ADD Amanda Bair to all account(s).**

*Paula to draft letter of “parent concerns”

Next Meeting: October 23, 2017 @ 6:30pm.