September 2016

September Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2016


August Meeting Reviewed & Approved: by Mandi Bair & Jessica McKinley


Roberta Scrip & Expense Reports: Roberta not able to attend meeting, to email reports out.


Board Briefs/Principal Discussion: No Principal in attendance; board briefs discussed, nothing of note.


LFE: request from Shannon Crane to switch from Marie Davis to PTCO. Request approved per PTCO members in attendance (Mandi B, Mandy A, Shannon Crane, Jessica McKinley & Sarah Briggs).  Need log in info from Marie?!




Anita Kosak – requesting donation of $139.99 for a Heavy Duty MOBILE Magnetic Dry Erase Flipchart Easel, stating “it allows for two arms (one on each side) to pull out and hang anchor charts. This would be so beneficial to my MAISA reading and writing lessons. I could easily move it to the front of the room or the back of the room.”  $90 approved by Mandi B, Mandy A, Shannon C, Jessica M, and Sarah B. – It was recommended that she use her $50 giftcard for the remaining amount.


Upcoming Events:


Secret Santa – Volunteers to box up supplies on Friday 9/30.  Roberta & her mom, Mandi, Sarah, Shannon…supplies stored in Mrs Vanderwest’s room.


October Popcorn Sale – Friday October, 7th.  Mandi B, Shannon, Roberta, Paula to pop on Thursday morning 930ish?…  Sarah, Roberta, Shannon, Mandi to help bag & distribute on Friday morning 8am.


MS/HS Parent Teacher Conference Dinner –October 27th, 5-8pm.  Sign Up Genius created.  Pam L to do BBQ – Roberta to ask?  Need Volunteers to help set up…also need volunteers to help clean up. (Mandy A to help clean up as I won’t be out of work in time for set up.)


Sno-cones for the next home football games – Mandi B to do Oct 14th, Mandy & Jessica to do Oct 21st,  Shannon to grab ice for games.


Open Discussion:


Spoke about more fundraising options.  Walkathon, local business (El Zapopan), Tailgating ideas, BBQ vs Fazolis, possibility of a tailgate at Spring baseball tournament.  We would like to discuss fundraising options more in depth at next meeting, so bring your info and ideas.


Sarah B discussed possible options for helping Danyle with head lice…and offered to get trained if needed.


Meeting Adjourned:


Next Meeting: October 25th 6:30pm (multiple members busy Monday 10/24Let me know if there is anything you want added to Agenda for October