October 2014 Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2014

6:30 pm

Jamberry Nails Presentation-Kim

$25/sheet, we would get 20-30%.  Best to create facebook event rather than promote through the schools.  To consider ordering some sheets of the special “KC” nails to sell at basketball games.  Cannot order KC nails on website, need up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Val-motion to approve September Minutes, Roberta-2nd

Mary asked for the teacher requests we approved in September be added to September’s Minutes.

Treasurer’s and Scrip Reports-Roberta

Voted to have Roberta get debit card linked to our account from Choice One Bank.

Upcoming popcorn sales-Mr. Lepech would like to implement some sort of accounting system to keep track of sales and profits.  Danyle will set up dates for the sales.

Middle School Activity Night will be October 29th from 3-5.  Tona Long is requesting cookies to be donated to sell to students.

We will be providing dinner to the elementary teachers and staff during conferences on November 4th.

Elementary School reading night will be on November 20th from 6:30-8 pm.  8-10 door prizes have been requested.  We will donate games and on-hand scrip cards. They also need volunteers to run games and we would like to have a PTCO information table as well.

Entertainment books fundraiser ran from October 17-30th.  Any order forms turned into teachers were collected.

HS 3pt. shot has been requested by another organization.  Considered doing MS 3pt. shot, but lack of volunteers and small amount of games were cited as reasons to forego this fundraisers for this year.

Sundaes for Scholarships may turn into Floats for Scholarships.  We will start the first varsity basketball game selling ice cream floats and see if anyone asks for brownie sundaes.  Potentially, we can sell both.

Santa Shop, need to firm up location and find extra storage for donations.  Mandi to email Mr. Lepech.  Still in need of donations of gifts and gift bags.  Will also look at Great Lakes Wholesale for gift items.

Board Meeting Report-Val

School Improvement-talked about changes to report cards and lack of spelling tests.

Elaine reports that she is working 4 days per week with Mrs. Antor and Mrs. Lindeboom entering/organizing their classroom books into computer system.

Open discussion-KC family lost home and car to fire, discussed donations.

Regular meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Special budget and request meeting-okayed J. Nelson request for reimbursement toward classroom set up expenses, but need receipts.  Not to exceed $200.

Okayed A. Kosak request for classroom Velcro at a cost of $103.95 + s&h.

Okayed C. Snyder request for Odyssey of the Mind funds-$500

Okayed R. Vanderwest request of $ towards 3rd grade Mary Poppins trip.

Okayed R. Vanderwest request of $330 for 1st grade trip to Lollipops concert in January.

Okayed R. Vanderwest request for monetary help for those with financial hardship for 2nd grade Nutcracker in December, not to exceed $50.

Okayed S. Goodrich request for Gelli Printing Plate kit at $757.03.