October 2018

October Meeting Minutes

Oct. 22, 2018

September meeting minutes discussed and approved by Ray and Roberta

Script & Expense report with Roberta.

Website/ Teacher request: none at this time


– Elementary shirts-

What did we end up making?- unsure yet.  Many left over. We need to sell these and ask the school to purchase the remaining?  Has been said in August meeting that they would considering purchasing shirts for the kids that do not have one yet. Ray will discuss with Pam.

-Sell at “Math Night”

Sell at Conferences: Will post on Facebook/ PTCO page- Roberta will do

November 8th- Aria and Kendra will set up a table to sell

Nov 13th- Kelly and Val will sell

Homecoming dinner where do we stand?  Tamales not done and El Zappone has not responded with cost and a itemized receipt is needed. People who ordered Tamales were asked if they would like to donate the money or money returned to them. All responded that they would like to donate money.  

Snow cones sales:  We can sell at the play off Friday 10/26- yes but pending weather.

Sarah Schutt suggested GR Griffin fundraiser- discussed and too much of a commitment not willing to commit but great suggestion.

A parents night out around Christmas time?  Kendra and Arie will look into if a possibility and talk to Pam.

Tamales sale this year, as done previous year?  No not enough profit

Birthday Grams– No, already being done.

Canvas/ craft night-  Kendra will look into. Ray will ask Pam first.

Val suggested Adult Santa baskets to be purchased by teachers seeing we have numerous adult gifts provided from various donors such as: a towing and insurance company (unsure names), West Michigan Archery and coffee place. Will discuss more at a later date need to see if we have enough stuff to go through with it.

Grocery Bags with Kent City Eagle Logo- Arie will look into.

Five and Below fundraiser– someone will look into and to be discussed further.

Babysitting night– a night out for parents along with a Five and Below fundraiser? Ideas? Need to speak to Pam about this. Will discuss next meeting.

Wear your shirt day, when is this going to happen? Can we still do it? Ray will ask Pam

To do:

Conference dinner:

Elementary school is Wednesday, November 7th- Ray, Kendra, Rachael will meet up

at Arie’s house, set up food then go to school. Crock pots needed. Clean up by-?

Danyle will set up sign-up genius for this.

Roberta will make desserts, Kendra will make New Rice.

Middle/ High school is Thursday, Nov. 13th- Kelly/ Val will clean up dinner.  Drop off food- Kelly

Popcorn Sale Thursday November 1st– Arie/ Kendra will put out flyers.  Flyers need to go in mailboxes on Monday. Danielle will send out email. Nancy/ Arie/ Kendra/ Val will do pop that day.

November 26th- 30th First  Box Top Competition for the Middle School.

Danielle will send out email.

Riannah will gather on Friday and put in the PTCO room, where you can pick up at the end of the day.

Arie/ Nancy/ Kendra/ Val/ Kelly will cut and count.  

Try to be done by that weekend we need to treat the Winning class that next Friday, November 7th.   

Santa Shop:

November 12th Start Santa shop prep.

December 10th- 14th- Santa Shop

December 17th- clean up?

Arie will lead Santa shop.

Danyle will set up Sign Up Genius for wrapper and buyers.

Deb from office will get us a the class schedule.

All remember to keep your eyes out for good Santa Shop deals, get buying, we want a good year!

Box Top winners Mrs. Laperna and Mrs. Van Holstyn’s classes- Ice cream sundae’s for reward done on Friday October 26th by Val/ Kendra/ Ray. Thank you to all who helped count!

Coke rewards need to be put in Val/ Paula(maybe), Kelly will input data @ mycokerewards.com. Caps in PTCO room now.

Open Discussion:

*Pam Thompson asked for us to attend the staff meeting October 23rd @ 3:15pm, to get to know and see us.

*Pam Thompson emailed Ray stating, “ You guys are doing an amazing work for our school community”.  

*There was a nice write up on Us in the Eagle’s Update.

*Thank you to all volunteers that help the PTCO run so smoothly and successfully. Please remember if you ever have any questions or concern, please chat with on of US. We are only as strong as the people around Us and Communication is the key to success!

Next meeting Monday, November 26th at 6:30pm at the Administrative Building.