November 2014 Meeting Minutes

November 24th, 2014


Motion to approve October Minutes after special budget meeting approvals are added per Mary-Roberta, Val-2nd

Treasurer’s & Scrip Report-Roberta

Briefly discussed keeping more Scrip “on hand,” but most likely will not at this time.

R. Vanderwest idea to promote Scrip for teachers.  Will ask her to draft email to teachers explaining Scrip and that we will be having a contest in the month of December.  For whoever (teachers only) places an order in December, his/her name will be entered to win a $25 gift card.

Decided not to delete old information from website because, as new information is added, old moves down.

Website requests:  Preschool sand-Yes, but would like to check prices to see if it can be obtained cheaper than $100.

World History field trip reimbursement and 9th grade lunch on trip to GVSU-$600 to be split between as Mr. Crane sees fit.

Mrs. Sorenson-okayed $70 toward Spanish Christmas party costs, need receipts.

Entertainment book profit still unknown as we have to pay half of the cost of an iPad mini for contest winner.

Ongoing Jamberry nails fundraiser, live facebook event on the 25th at 8pm.

Popcorn sale on the 5th of December.  Mary to get bags, Danyle will ask Mrs. Freeland if she can get other popcorn supplies.

Varsity basketball ice cream treat and special KC Jamberry wraps sales-approved.  First game is December 4th.  Mary to get straws, spoons, cups, pop.  Mandi to make volunteer schedule.  We all need to think of people we can personally ask to help “man” the table.

Santa Shop, coming up December 8-12th.  Schedule has been sent to teachers, only one change so far.  Will be using Before/After school room for wrapping, need to get cleaned up by 2:45.  There is one morning we will not be able to use it as the playgroup already has reserved the room.

Board Meeting-Val, how does one know how to “throw hat in the ring” to run for school board?

No Grassroots update

Elementary School Improvement Meeting-They talked about Mad Minute and grade-level teacher expectations.

Danyle to email specific teachers whose PTCO requests have been approved to get testimonials.

December 17th is the next middle school activity night.  We need to request treats for them to sell.  No gum please.

December monthly meeting changed to December 16th at 1pm in the EL cafeteria.  Danyle will file facility request.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.