November 2018

                   Kent City PTCO

                         November Meeting minutes 2018

October meeting minutes, discussed and approved by Ray and Arie.

Board briefs approved by Arie and Ray.

Script & Expense report presented by Roberta.

Website/Teacher Request:

            -5th grade Teachers have requested funds to help with funding their Greenfield Village field trip.  Approved by Ray and Kendra. Roberta will get them a check.

Email requests:

            -Transportation cost for Kindergarten to go to GRCM field trip, if needed. Will discuss when funds are needed.

            -Rhonda Vanderwest requested financial assistance for students to go to the Civic Theater, if needed. Will discuss later when funds are needed.

-Amber Powell for donations for cookies, frosting, food coloring and sprinkles for decorating cookies for Middle School.- Roberta and Arie will do.

Fundraisers: Santa Shop Dec 10th- 14th.  Arie set up a Sign-up Genius for this. Arie will also work Santa shop all week. Doug(elementary maintenance man) will clear the stage and set up tables. Facility request for stage and after school room will be done by Arie.  Will get together November 29th to price for the santa shop and clean out room. December 9th we will set up. Arie will also look into making flyers for who the kids need to shop for, very helpful for the little kids.

-Elementary Shirts. The school has agreed to buy some. They took 30 shirts and will reimburse us for them.

-Eagle Bags(Arie)- Will take 1 month to receive the order. Can we get a discounted rate if we put in a maximum order? Bags will not be ready by santa shop. Arie will put an order in and then we will discuss all options to sell when bags are ready.

-Little Eagle Night (babysitting for parents)has been approved with Pam. We will need to fill out a facility request. Haven’t yet determined when we will do this.

-Craft night approved with Pam. To be determined when we will do this fundraiser.

-Santa Shop for Teachers has been approved by Pam. Valerie will make up adult baskets with the donations that cannot be used for the kids at santa shop. We will set up baskets in the teacher’s lounge and see what happens.  Ray will talk to her about this, she is not at today’s meeting.

-Christmas break fundraiser- Pappa P’s and jumping at trampoline park. Ray will look into.

Past/ Current/ Upcoming Projects:   Conference Dinners all went well. Thank you to Everyone that pitched in to make it great for the teachers.

-Popcorn sale: Meet December 6th in the am. Arie took care of the flyers.

-No December meeting.

-January 10th next popcorn sale.

-Box Top Competition this week for Middle School. Ray will pick up and put in the PTCO room. Whoever can count, please stop by after school and get yours. Reward for this is Brownie Sundae. Need a facility request put in.

-Sundae and floats made for Basketball games. Kendra will set up a Sign-up Genius for these events. Tuesday and Friday are the games. Set up before Half Time. Brownie sundae change will be $3.50. Float charge will be $2.50.  Arie will make a new sign for the table.

-New room needs the lock fixed, Danyle will put in a work order for this.

Open Discussion:  Ray thanked everyone for all they do. “You can never be told how much you are appreciated. Everyone is working so well together and it is a great thing. Keep up the good work!”

Next Meeting is February 11th at 12pm at the Elementary conference room. Rescheduled date due to school closing and weather conditions.