May 2018 Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes 2018



April meeting minutes discussed and approved by Mandi and Riannah.


Scrip and Expense report presented/written by Roberta.


Discussed Board elections, will have them next board meeting at the elementary.


Teacher Request:

Melissa Siegel requested two flexible seating wobble stools- approved


Anita Kosak need a karaoke machine for classroom- approved


Katie Coxon requested a portable microphone and speakers- approved.


Dan Crofoot requested book boxes approved via email.


Mrs Tavares requested English II books approved $400 which is a portion of the amount requested.


Current and Upcoming Projects:

  • AJ’s wrap up- Riannah said all went well and was an easy fundraiser to do.
  • HS snowcones May 24th. Elementary snow cones May 31st.

-Roberta, Riannah, Kendra and Arie will run.  Paula will check on ice. Riannah and Arie will get ice. No known red dye allergies. Do not get Lime flavor, kids don’t like.


–     Elementary box top competition- as soon as we have a winning class, we need to schedule a root beer float reward. There is enough root beer, need ice cream- Roberta will get.


Open Discussion:

-Paula questioned if we could help out with next year’s seniors cap and gown. Is there any in need and how can we help if so?

-Junes meeting will be cancelled.  July we’ll have a meeting on the 16th at the park.

-Tentative August meeting 13th also at the park.

-We voted on who’s name will go on the bank account. Roberta will remove Mandi and add Riannah.  Roberta and Riannah will set up a time and date to meet.


Meeting adjourned