May 2016 Meeting Minutes

May 23rd, 2016

April meeting minutes discussion and approval-Val motions, Jessica 2nd.

Teacher requests: Rich Benham, $50 in gift cards to Olive Garden for anonymous donor of field day frisbees-okayed.
Katie Coxon, $6 for student to attend Mac Dunes field trip-okayed via email. Kosak/Siegel, $200 for kindergarten field trip to chocolate factory-okayed by email.

Current and Upcoming Projects: Year end sno-cones for all students. Box top competition reward to be root beer and orange soda floats. Mary to get supplies. Jessica to fill out facility request for ? (I can’t remember the specifics and didn’t write it down).

Board of Ed. Update-Val

Treasurers and Scrip Reports-Roberta

Board Elections
Results: President-Shannon Crane, Vice President-Mandi Bair, Secretary-Mandy Allen, Treasurer-Roberta Miller, Trustees-Jessica McKinley, Danyle Bowers, Sarah Briggs.

Transferring of Responsibilities-all current and new board members should make a point of being at the June meeting.

Open Discussion: the following was proposed via email.

In this email special meeting, I propose that the PTCO makes absentee ballots available for one week prior to the regular May PTCO meeting for members that want to vote in the PTCO board elections. Absentee ballots should be available at each school’s office and at the Administrative Building office. Ballots can also be turned in at each office and are due prior to the regular May PTCO meeting. Any absentee ballots that are turned in after the May meeting will be disregarded.

Next meeting-June 27th, 6:30 pm at Leaver Park. Mary to request pavilion at the Village Office.

Meeting adjourned.