May 2014

Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2014

6:30 pm

Review & Approval Minutes- approved April 2014 minutes

Treasurer’s Report – Roberta not present, will report at June meeting 

Scrip Report – Roberta not present, will report at June meeting


Recently approved Teacher Requests/Website Requests/facebook Requests –

·         Recently approved – reimburse Roberta for cupcake supplies for EL 5th grade concert (Mrs. Vanderwest)


Project Updates

·         Teacher Appreciation recap, many thank you’s received

·         PTCO Scholarships – winners Grace Marz & Will Wilson

·         End of the year sno-cones – MS/HS done, EL 6/5, Val suggested we buy two more coolers (so that the PTCO “owns” four), voted and approved, Roberta to purchase, Mary to get ice, Roberta to order straws and get additional necessary supplies

·         EL Box Tops – counting to be finished this week, two winning classes will be given donuts compliments of Roberta

·         EL Field Day – 5/28, Mary to take pictures, NHS students helping

·         MS Activity Night – 5/28, 3-5pm, Mary making cookies, Ms Bigelow asking for cookie donations and parent help

·         EL Art Show – 5/29, PTCO supplying lemonade (Paula & Val to set up, serve & clean up), Papa P’s donating 60 cookies, volunteers may bring more, Nikki picking up cookies at Papa P’s

·         Update PTCO bylaws

·         Update Website – Mary ongoing, will put on website about scrip orders every two weeks during summer, and summer meeting dates, Mary has contacted Brandie because requests from PTCO website are not being sent to PTCO e-mail, she is working on the problem



·         Discussed having a summer meeting with Admin to discuss fundraising in the school

·         Andrea Klotz (teacher in Muskegon Oakridge, and KC parent) wants to meet with PTCO regarding a walk-a-thon she did at Oakridge as a fundraiser.


Discussion Points

·         Board of Education: Val

·         Grassroots Update: no update

·         EL School Improvement Meeting Update:  Paula

·         MS/HS School Improvement Meeting Update:  Mary

·         Paula was contacted by someone that wants to present at a PTCO meeting regarding a KDL mileage in August

·         USDA Smart Snacks in Schools – could affect popcorn sales, etc, when meet with Admin in summer, discuss how this could affect PTCO

·         PTCO email received an email from PTO Today regarding insurance, not something we will do

·         PTCO Board Elections, voting took place, officers elected as follows:  President – Mary Wilson, Vice President – Danyle Bowers, Treasurer – Roberta Miller, Secretary – Mandi Bair, Trustees – Paula Maloney, Jessica McKinley, Valerie Mead

·         Next meeting: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 6:00pm Kent City Park (Leaver Park), Mary to contact Mary Portell to reserve park

·         Meeting Adjourned – 8:10pm