March 2019 PTCO Meeting Minutes

Kent City PTCO March 2019

Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes discussed and approved by Roberta and Ray.

Board Briefs approved by Ray and Roberta.

Script & Expense Report reviewed and discussed. Roberta presented report.

Where do we stand with the script account and person responsible for the missing money? Danyle had an agreement signed by person money is due by the end of May. If money is not received then will proceed to take person to Small Claims Court. 

Already paid $290. 

Due $1792.00

Website/ Teacher Requests:

  • Barb Weston asked for money for 2nd grade field trip. We voted through email that we would help with any child that could not afford to pay. Danyle talked with her and let her know. Price needed not known yet.
  • Kim Stockhill asked for 2 wobble chairs for her classroom. We voted and approved, through email, her request. Roberta Ordered them.
  • Sara Schutt asked to volunteers during conferences for book fair. Kendra and Arie helped out with that.
  • Mary Clare Johnson asked for volunteers to help her with writing name tags for the Art show coming up. Arie took care of that. It was a lot of work!
  • Bill Crane asked for money to cover the cost of lunch for all employees and members that were involved in the job shadow day visit. Through email we approved this.
  • Lorin Sorenson asked if we could ask our members to bring in newspapers for a project this Wednesday. Ray put info on Facebook about this request.
  • Alma asked for volunteers for MS/ HS conference for childcare. Kelly and her daughter took care of this.


  • Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes for Scholarships. Thank you to everyone that helped with this, but A big Thank You to Kendra who stepped up many, many times to do this. $1200 needed for scholarships. Made $1154.28, Good work ladies!
  • Spring Break Fundraiser. Pappa P’s- yes. Kendra will look into 3 Mile Project for potential fundraiser. Need to get fliers out ASAP.
  • Idea’s needed to raise money. Some good ideas to look into:

*Mom/ Son movie night or Bingo night? Ray will talk to Vicki on how to set this up and talk to Bill about using the school.  

*Get baby pictures of the MS/ HS teachers and have MS/ HS students guess the teacher. Each guess will need to deposit money per guess, the most correct guesses win a 1 prize. Only 1 prize given.

Past/ Current/ Upcoming Events:

  • Popcorn Sale for April will be on Thurs. April 11th. Paula, Kendra, Nancy, Arie will help with this.
  • Box Top Competition for Middle School. Danyle will ask McClintock when would be a good week in April for them to do one.
  • Conference dinner for teachers for Elementary, MS and HS. Thank you Kendra and Roberta for doing this! We voted on doing this every year for both conferences in the Spring and Fall, one night.
  • Where do we stand for Inspiring Quotes to go up around the school? This is Arie’s project and since she is not here today Ray will talk to her and figure out how to go forward. Pam ok’d this but we need to get her example sayings. Will also contact Shannon Crabtree and Lori Preston who also expressed interest in doing this.

Open Discussion:

  • PTCO room has been being used for storage recently, Ray will discuss with school to please no longer do this.
  • Nancy (Roberta’s mom) needs to be reimbursed for purchases towards next year’s Santa Sale, all members notified.
  • Where do we stand on Coke Rewards? Where are the reimbursements going? Not going into our accounts?  Also people need to start inputting them there is a ton to do.
  • Scholarships will be read by Paula, Ray and Kelly. !st and 2nd choice will be given to Roberta to give out 2 scholarships. Roberta and Ray will present awards during the Senior Ceremony. Any applicant who didn’t send in all the required paperwork will be disqualified.
  • Has been mentioned that we need to be more vigilant on posting for help wanted during events on Facebook or other social media. Ray will check to see if emails are going out. Ray has been sending once monthly updates by email. Sign up Genius has been sent out multiple times when help was needed, responses from others have been limited. We are currently doing the best we can and will keep staying our current path.
  • We need to keep reminding teachers that are requesting field trip money for families in need that they should first ask for donations from classmate parents, whatever is left we will cover the cost. Some parents will not mind being asked to donate an extra $1.00 if the cost is $4.00.

Next Meeting will be Monday, April 22nd 2019 at 6:30pm at the Administrative Building.