March 2018 Meeting Minutes

Kent City PTCO March Meeting Minutes

March 26th, 2018


Scrip and Expense reports- Roberta


Teacher Request:

  • Ms. Johnson and Ms. Goodrich requested us to sponsor the Art Day Exhibit April 28th, by making popcorn and providing refreshments.

We will give Ms. Goodrich the popcorn and lemonade then she will take it from there.

Popcorn will be made April 27th by Paula and Kelly.


Current /Upcoming Events:

-Get more choices for Scrip on hand, Roberta will do.

-Selling Snow cones maybe May 10th or 18th, pending weather and will discuss more next meeting.  High School May 24th, need to get approved with school. Danyle will check with school. Need to discuss who will help.

-Spring Break fundraiser at AJ’s- will advertise on Facebook. Roberta will post a picture of an Easter basket with AJ passes within.
-MS box top competition April 16-20th reward will be Ice Cream Sundaes. We need to collect Box tops April 20th.

-Teacher appreciation week, first week in May, breakfast again?

-Elementary May 10th- Ray will do.

-HS May 8th- Roberta will do.

-MS May 8th. MS will do themselves.

-May popcorn sale May 3rd- need flyers and boxes. Mandi will get flyers. Meet at 830am.  Need to check what supplies are needed before sale.

-Snow cones- End of year snow cones for HS during graduations May 24th. Need to get Ok’d with building- Danyle will do.

-Should we sell snow cones at KC invitational track meet April 20th? There is also home meets on April 10th, 17th, May 10th and 18th.  Will determine later, depending on weather and people’s availability.

-November meeting minutes done and sent out by email for review, Mandi corrected all mistakes.



-Board member nominations will be done in April, Vote in May, transfer responsibilities in June.

-We need to revise the bylaws soon.

-Coke Rewards financial transfer has been signed by Pam, waiting on a return email as to what next step is.

-Paula requested to talk about revising the Box Top contest, will talk more at our next meeting.

– Remind all about saving their Family Fare receipts for earning money for the school.

-Scholarship Presentation April 30th, we need presenters. Ray, Roberta and Arie will do this.


Open Discussion:

-Kindergarten graduation plans or ideas.

-Where does the fundraiser money for the Walk a Thon go towards?  Just curious in what the outcome was, different parents throughout the schools have been asking. Someone will ask Pam?

-Should we put out weekly or biweekly emails as opposed to monthly emails?

Keep more people informed in up to date info.?

There doesn’t seem to be enough information to use, will look repetitive.

Most people’s emails go to their junk folder and they are not even opening them to look at.

-What about putting PTCO information in the schools newsletter? Will need to ask Pam.

Suggestions to put in the newsletter would be: PTCO Volunteering needs. Ray will ask Pam.


-Maybe we could get people more interested in the PTCO by posting more in Facebook. Up to date current events.


-Fundraiser Papa P’s for spring break Thurs. April 5th. Ray will take care of.


Next Meeting April 23rd at 630pm.


Meeting adjourned.