March 2017

Kent City PTCO

March Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2017


February Meeting Review/Approve:

Mandi and Kelly accept/approve.


Principal Discussion with Mr Crane:

Proposed start date for next school year; 8/23/2017, end date; 6/1/18

Planning 7 early release days for 2017/2018 school year.

Bussing changes, new for field trips – transportation requests will be needed.


Board Briefs:


Roberta Scrip & Expense Reports:


Teacher Requests:

Amy Foster request to borrow popcorn machine – Need more info!

Request states:  Would it be possible to use the popcorn machine and supplies for Kent City Art Day which will be taking place at the high school on 4/29/17? *This event was previously held at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. In an effort to include even more artwork, as well as student-led art-making demonstrations AND collaborative works, we’ve decided to host it at the high school this year. We hope you will be able to join us!


Deb Williams request for flyers – Mandi to make flyer and get it to Deb.

Request states:  Hi there! We would like to add the PTCO flyer to our remaining round-up packets and include it in future ones as well. Could someone send me an electronic copy? The one I have is dated for the 2016-17 school year. Thank you for coming to Kindergarten Round-Up last night! 🙂


Caryn Snyder request for $200 – Approved, Roberta to get Caryn a check.

Request states:  Our Odyssey of the Mind Division 2 team has done so well – they got 2nd place in Regionals and earned the highest award for creativity at State (the Ranatra Fusca); that puts them in the Worlds competition! We are raising funds for this 4 day event. Would you be willing to be one of our sponsors? Our community sponsors will be advertised on the back of our world finals T-shirt and included in our promotionals. If you are able to be one of our sponsors, please make your check out to Kent City Schools with Odyssey in the memo. These can be given to Caryn Snyder or Amanda Peterson in the elementary office. Thank you for considering! These amazing students have been working SO hard! Their team began in September and World finals are at the end of May.



Vickie Totten request for $$ Donation for field trips – Approved for $50/grade. Getting Vickie a scrip card to cover costs.

Request states: Hi this is Vickie Totten and I am the coordinator for the 6th grade science camp and 7th and 8th grade field trips.  As you know the cost of these trips get pricey, we give the 7th and 8th grade field trips snacks on the way to the destination and also we buy pizzas and pop for their supper meal before we head home.  I am writing and asking if PTCO would be willing to donate either with a monetary donation or a scrip donation.  We go to pizza hut and BC pizza for the trips. Any donation would be appreciated. Thank You



Mrs. Lindeboom – $50 approved with receipts.

Requested $120 to cover March Reading Month d�cor she had purchased.



Rhonda Vanderwest cakes and supplies for 5th grade celebration –  Approved, Roberta to make cakes and get supplies.

Request states: Our 5th Grade Celebration takes place this year on Thursday, May 18. This is a night that features our 5th graders as they ‘say goodbye’ to elementary. We would like to have cake again this year. Roberta’s, of course, are the preferred choice if possible! 🙂 However many she made last year would be right for this year, as the class size is similar. If the PTCO could provide the cakes, small plates, & napkins, we can provide someone to cut them. HS Cafeteria will be serving location. Thank you so much for this special treat provided in the past – always a highlight for the students and families!



Current/Upcoming Events/Projects:


MS Box Top Competition:  Top two classes will get Root Beer floats.  Planning for end of April.


Spring Break Fundraiser with Papa P’s on April 4th:  How did we do?



Reading/Voting/Presenting(5/8/17@7pm) –  Is this done?


Teacher Appreciation: 1st week in May.  Mandi to do sign up genius for donations. Elementary Thursday 5/4, MS/HS Tuesday 5/2.


Open Discussion:


Open Board Position:  Mandi nominated for President by Roberta, Mandy/Sarah voted No, Roberta/Kelly voted Yes.   Need Danyle to cast deciding vote.  Mandi nominated Sarah for president, Roberta was a No, other members need to vote.


Weekly Emails: 1st and 3rd week of the month.  Mandy to start doing them before next meeting.


MS Track Meet – 4/26 will we be doing snocones?


Next Meeting:  April 24th 630p