June 2016

June Meeting/June 27, 2016

May meeting reviewed & discussed & approved.

Treasurer & Scrip Reports given by Roberta, expense reports shared..

Current and Upcoming Projects:
School open houses (will confirm volunteer coverages at July meeting).
Principal Meeting – sounded like Shannon was going? (Thursday at Noon, will discuss outcome at July meeting if anything PTCO needs to be aware of).
LFE/Labels for Education redemption ideas discussed, Visa Cards planned.

Board of Ed. Update-Val (Board Briefs passed out)

Absentee Ballot Proposal was discussed.  Some talk of using a website such as Survey Monkey…would need to make changes to the bylaws if planning to approve the use of absentee ballots.  Are we able to approve/deny this in July meeting…?  I know we discussed it, but it didn’t seem like we had a concrete yes or no approval of the idea.

Transfer of PTCO Responsibilities
PTCO responsibilities sheet passed out.  Duties discussed.
Of Note:  Need to remove past president and add current president to bank account at Choice One.
Of Note:  Need to add new members to PTCO  facebook page, website access, email.  I will be getting with Mary to go over email/website/etc.

Open Discussion:
Of Note: PTCO cart currently located in the middle school closet near the stage/cafeteria.
Of Note: Snow Cone Machine Rental Agreement proposed to be added to PTCO website.

Next meeting-July 28th 7pm.

Meeting adjourned.