June 2015 Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2015

Mary-motion to accept May meeting minutes, Roberta-2nd

Treasurer’s and Scrip Reports-Roberta

Santa Shop dates-Mary to fill out facility use form.

Entertainment Book-Jessica reports that 2 more people did not receive books, voted to reimburse Preston family $60, also reimbursed S. Wheeler $30.

Teacher requests-voted to give Vicki Totten $700 toward new chairs for the high school library.  Voted to reimburse Rich Benham $137.79 toward stereo receiver for elementary gym.  Voted no on giving Anita Kosak money for tote bags. Voted by email to pay for four 4th grade students to attend Mac Woods Dune Rides ($24).

Mary to meet with school principals in August regarding the next school year.  Will let them know that we need help to get more volunteers.

PTCO website-Mary to talk to Kim Greene about helping us with it.

Mary has fundraiser idea-Casino bus trip, possibly in August. Will contact past Senior Bash parents to ask for advice.

Board of Education-received briefs from Val via email.

Coke Rewards-Mandi created PTCO account, but is limited to redeeming approximately 90 points per week. She will call Coke Rewards to find out a way to enter more.

Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.