June 2014

Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2014

6:00 pm

Review & Approval Minutes- approved May 2014 minutes




Treasurer’s Report – Roberta

Scrip Report – Roberta

Project Updates and Fundraising

  • Considering giving out tax-deductible donation slips for those that donate to Santa Shop
  • We need to have a table at each of the school open houses in August, Mary to get schedule of open houses and we will solidify who will “man” the tables at each event.
  • Discussed how to make more community members aware of Scrip, considering contests and giveaways of Scrip cards.  Rhonda VW to create flyer explaining Scrip.
  • Mary to set up meeting with school administrators in order to be “on the same page” concerning 2014-15 fundraising.
  • Update PTCO bylaws, change meeting dates
  • Update Website – Mary ongoing, will put on website about scrip orders every two weeks during summer, and summer meeting dates, Mary has contacted Brandie because requests from PTCO website are not being sent to PTCO e-mail, she is working on the problem.
  • Andrea Klotz (teacher in Muskegon Oakridge, and KC parent) wants to meet with PTCO regarding a walk-a-thon she did at Oakridge as a fundraiser.  She was invited to July meeting.


Discussion Points

  • Board of Education: Val, Governor Snyder signed the state’s budget on June 24.
  • Grassroots Update: no update
  • EL School Improvement Meeting Update: no update
  • MS/HS School Improvement Meeting Update:  no update
  • Brainstorming idea to get more memberships, Mary to contact NHS advisor about getting volunteers to watch kids during meetings to draw more people in
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 6:30pm Kent City Park (Leaver Park), Mary to contact Mary Portell to reserve park