July 2018 Meeting Minutes

Kent City PTCO July 16, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Congratulations To the New Board Positions and New Members:

President: Riannah Anderson

Vice President: Arie Heiss

Secretary: Kelly Lantzer

Treasurer: Roberta Miller

Trustee:  Danyle Bowers

Paula Maloney

Kendra Page


Looking forward to a great year ahead!!


May meeting minutes approved- Not done yet


Board Briefs: Approved Riannah and Kelly


Script & Expense Report presented by Roberta Miller


Website/ Teacher Request:


*Sara Schutt is requesting volunteers for the Elementary Walk-a-Thon which will be held on Wed. Sept. 19th at 10:00am.

-Volunteers needed for:

*  Set up Elem. & High School at 7:00am- Kendra, Wendy and Valerie will



*  During Event- Will post on Facebook and email for help needed.

Roberta and Riannah will post.


* Tear Down between 11:00 & 12:00- Put on Facebook and email

Help Needed. Riannah/ Roberta will post.


– Rhonda VanderWest is requesting $300.00 for an oval embedded into her carpet.

Agreed to pay for in full but with the condition future expenses will lessen. Suggested that we cover the costs for the families in need and those who can afford the field trip/expense will be asked to do so.  Rhonda V. did come to the meeting and missed this but was refreshed about our ideas after the meeting. She will see what can be done.

-Rhonda V. and Riannah will work together on a note going out to parents with the proper verbage and send out this to the teachers.  Danyle will send out a note.



  • Also in this discussion Wendy brought up the kids who need help with their lunch accounts. Kids are not turned down for lunches and there is a needed to pay these bills down as the parents are unable to do so. We will discuss more in detail at August meeting.


*Elem. office requested donation for a folding machine and later recanted because the church donated one to them.



-Some fundraiser ideas: T-shirts for sale at the Open House that parents could buy, to help us raise money for the PTCO.  We would like to get all kids a shirt for the 1st day of school, so we’ll send out a flyer to all parents to pre-order.  Do not want to go more than $5.00 a shirt. Would like on the front of the shirt KCE 2018, with a cartoon eagle (something fun). The back would say “Go Eagles” across the shoulders. Riannah will look into and see what magic she can do.


-Also for an idea for next year, have the kids make a design for next years T-shirt idea. See what they come up with and pay a quarter to vote on their favorites, a good way to earn $ for the PTCO and get the kids involved.


-Five Below also has fundraisers that we should look into for future ideas. FYI from Valerie.


-Riannah will look into a fundraiser for the trampoline place on Alpine “Altitude” and a pizza combo from Papa P’s for August 23rd.

-Need to Earn more money for all the money going out to be a success, so would like all/ any ideas.


-Riannah & Arie did a Booster-thon Lunch and Learn. It was about having a walk-a-thon, the school already does this so it’s not for us.  Will keep looking for ideas.



Past/ Current/ Upcoming Projects:


-Dr. Patti Peiffer sent an email regarding her services, we a cannot use what she has to


-KCE Open House  Need a table in the Elem. from 5:30pm to 6:30pm- Riannah will do.  MS and HS does not need a table.  Might want to find more people for this.

-PTCO room is being moved to the womens’ locker room off the gym. Will ask if the room can be painted with Kilz Primer/paint as this will kill the mildew smells.

-Popcorn room will moved to across the atrium.

– Help needed to move PTCO room to there new location on August 7th 11:00am-whenever.  Paula, Valerie, Wendy and Kendra will help.

– Homecoming fundraiser with El Zapopan- Kendra will head this up and get the project in motion. There were a few ideas on how to make it run smoother. Really upsell prepay tickets these people will have their food ready and waiting at start of event, this is the best way to order, it’s easier on all involved. Have a total of 4 lanes with people coming through, Wendy will help us out with this.  El Zapopan will bring their grill this time to keep up with the masses. Also have a separate table for condiments and desserts away from the food lines, to help speed things along.


-Snow cones for Varsity Football & Basketball games.  Will discuss at the next meeting as the schedule is not yet posted. Start thinking and asking people if they would be interested in volunteering for these events.  Facility request needs to be submitted, Roberta will do soon.


-PTCO will donate approx $240.00 for Power Aid for the 7 on 7 football game on

July 21st.  Riannah will inform people on Facebook.


-Would we consider selling snow cones at Rocket football, probably not just because we do not have a lot of volunteers as is.  If we had more help we would consider submitting a facility request.


*Open Discussion:


-Pam and Will requested a meet and greet with the parents and would love some ideas on how to make this happen and be successful.  The two elementary principals would really like to get to know the community and their needs and wants. They really want to make a difference and need parent input.

-Some suggestions: *Desserts with the principal.

*“Putting on a Party with the Principal”, Put on at the park, have daycare at the park so the kids can play and parents can ask important questions and concerns.  PTCO would also get a chance to meet and listen to the community.

*Tentative date Sept 11th, probably later in the day. We need to look into reserving the park. Someone will look into?


Teacher appreciation week:  

How can we make this special for teachers. Not staff, just teachers.  Some suggestions: ask the kids to make a card for their special teacher, set up a space in the Elem. Cafe with paper and crayons.

– Post a picture of all the teachers and let the kids comment below their picture and what they liked most about their favorite teacher. Any nice words. Will make it easy to do so the little ones can get involved.

-Give out teachers school email on Facebook so the kids can write a nice note to their teacher.

Lost and Found ideas. Problem for the school and what is a good way to get all or most items claimed. Some ideas; put a picture on facebook at the end of each month. If it’s not claimed it is donated to charity. Will work on the verbage and what to do going forward.

-Popcorn expense for 2017/2018 will be reimbursed from the elem. School totaling $68.00 which will be put back into saving.


We had a good turn out and look forward to more of your ideas and opinions. Please keep coming to the meetings, it’s all for the benefit of the Kids and teachers.