January 2018

January 2018 Meeting Notes:

Attendees: Riannah, Danyle, Mandi, Roberta, Paula, Kelly, Sarah

No Notes to review for November. Will get notes caught up and put on website.

Treasurer & Scrip Reports given by Roberta, expense reports shared..

Current and Upcoming Projects:  

  • Discussed adding more fundraisers for Airtime and the new trampoline place coming on Alpine. Possibly 1 Spring Break and the other before school starts next year. All approved.
  • Amazon Script cards available 180.00$
  • Amber Powell Requested money for March Reading Month celebration for the Middle School.  This was approved, will use the remaining Amazon script cards and donate the remaining.
  • Family in need for Lice treatment requested on PTCO website on 01/23/18. This was approved.
  • Bethany K. requested the PTCO to donate prizes to the English learning parents/ kids; we will donate two free sundae and two free admission at the basketball game. Also 6 free popcorn when popcorn sales are going at the elementary.  Everyone approved.  Riannah will make certificates to hand out.

Upcoming Events:

  • Popcorn Sale Feb 1st.  Riannah and Paula will be there for sure. Flyers to go out Tuesday 1/30/18.
  • School Board Appreciation month. PTCO approved donation to all 3 school libraries and to the Tyrone Township Library. Roberta will take care of.
  • Wrestling Districts will be on Wed Feb. 7th starting at 5pm, we are in need of people to make/sell sundaes. Mandi will post on Facebook.
  • Riannah is looking into maybe selling something at the wrestling matches on Fridays when concession is closed due to no basketball games so we could raise more money for the scholarships.  Also what about selling something at track meets?
  • Box Top Competition:  Mandi thinking about an Olympic theme. Something fresh and new!

Open Discussion:  

Need Meeting minutes in website ASAP. Kelly is working on now.

  • Need to send out Bimonthly emails to PTCO website subscribers. Will look into next month.
  • Next meeting-February 26th
  • Meeting adjourned.