January 2017

Kent City PTCO

January Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2017


November Meeting Review/Approve: Roberta & Shannon approved.


Principal Discussion: Principal Crane discussed the possible changes to the school  calendar starting next year, along with discussing upcoming requests for field trip money.


Board Briefs:


Roberta Scrip & Expense Reports:  Reports shared, fundraiser profits discussed, scholarship money discussed.


Teacher Requests:


Mrs. Brown request for forensics volunteers –  Added to website and FB. Principal Crane to add to secondary scoop.

Request states: I am the coach of the Kent City HS Forensics Team. My students compete in events like storytelling, poetry recitation, informative speeches, oratory, dramatic interpretation, broadcasting, and sales. We have three meets: Feb 2, Feb 16, and March 2. I need judges to attend these meets with us. The bus leaves Kent City High School at 2:05 pm so that we can arrive at the host schools by 3:05 pm. There are 3 rounds to judge, so you will be finished by 7:00 pm or so. We will give you the criteria to judge each event. Most inexperienced judges feel nervous at first, but get the hang of it quickly. You just provide students with a little written feedback and constructive criticism to help them improve their performances. Please let me know if you would be willing to help these talented students! Thanks! — Stacy Brown (231) 834-9920


Mrs. Freeland request for $1200 – Approved.

Request states:  We are requesting $1,200 to supplement the cost of the 5th grade end of year trip to The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village on May 25, 2017. The total cost of the trip is $2,400 for students for admission to the museum and $5,115 for the buses for a total of $7,515. The estimate per child for this trip, before fundraising is $43.00 per person. This donation would bring the cost down to $33.00 before other fundraising. We hope to have 2 bake sales to also supplement the cost per student. Thank you for all you do to support our kids and community.


Mrs. Weston request for $50 – already approved for full amount.

Request states: As I started looking over an upcoming economics unit, I found we are using very outdated materials. I went on-line and found 9 informational books that help students understand everything from goods & services, to scarcity, consumers and producers, buyers and sellers and supply and demand. I placed an order through Amazon totaling $77.98. I am asking reimbursement of $50.00. I already placed the order since I am hoping to use them as mentor texts soon. Thank you for whatever you are able to contribute! Barb Weston


Mrs. Vanderwest request for $$$ for 1st grade & kindergarten Lollipops –  already approved.

Request states: Due to the wonderful experience our 1st graders have, last year our Kindergarten students were able to attend a Lollipops concert as well. This Lollipops concert features the Grand Rapids Symphony and members of the Grand Rapids Civic Theater who act out the story. This year’s story is the classic “The Little Engine That Could”…I think I can….I think I can…brought to life in a unique performance specially designed for young children. They respond so well to this experience! Would the PTCO be willing to cover $3 of each student ticket, totaling $264 (88 K students x $3 each)? Parents would pay the full ticket amount. Our reservations are for March 15, 2017. Thank you for your support in the past and your consideration!


Current/Upcoming Events/Projects:


February Box Top Contest: 2/13-2/17.


Mobile Dentist 1/25 & 1/26 – Mandy & Sarah to volunteer.


February Popcorn Sale – February 2nd. Sergio/SandraRodriguez to help.


Board of Education Appreciation – $75 to each school library approved, including KDL.


Pennies for Patients –


Volunteers for Sundaes at Basketball Games  – Price changed to $3/sundae

1/31 – Kelly and kids

2/14 – Paula and Sergio/Sandra

2/17 – Mandi and Sarah

2/21 – Mandy

3/2 – Kelly and Sarah

3/6 – Mandy

3/10 – Shannon

Wrestling Tournament 2/18 – Mandi & Sarah



Open Discussion:


New Trustee – Kelly Lantzer – Welcome.


Recap Tamale FundraiserWent well, planning to do again next year and possibly in the Spring. Roberta’s expense report listed profits.


Elementary Fundraiser Committee Meeting Recap – Rescheduled to 1/25, to recap at next meeting.


Minutes on Website & MidWeek emails – Mandy to meet with Mary W and get to work on this.


Next Meeting:  February 27th at 630pm.