Febuary 2018 Meeting Minutes

        Febuary 2018 Meeting Minutes          

*November meeting minutes have they been done?  Yes and Kelly will get and send for PTCO to review.


-Also it would be helpful to know ahead of time if you are not able to attend monthly meeting so we can redistribute duties.


*January meeting minutes discussed and approved by Mandi, Roberta, Riannah.


– Kelly will email all PTCO members a step by step instruction on how to enter, link and edit meeting minutes to the PTCO website.


*Scrip and Expense Reports given by Roberta.      Kent City PTCO February 2018   


*Teacher Requests:


– Approved $100 for Jeremy Smith conference fee via email.


-Bus Request $150 for Mr. Lephech.


-Book Box request $158.92 for Mrs. Taylor.


*Current and upcoming projects:


-Popcorn sale this Thurs March 1st. Flyers needed Sarah originally to do? Not at meeting today.


-Pre-school 3/8 and Kindergarten 3/22 Round up tables, will we do and staff them?  Yes Ray will do both Thursday at 6pm.


-Senior Scholarships due March 1st, Mandi, Ray and Kelly will be on the reading/ voting committee.  Roberta will make sure all requirements for the scholarship are met.


-2 Popcorn sales left in March and May. Flyers need to made?




-Box Top Competition raised $460 from the elementary. Will wait to send Tyson and Aunt Millie’s until after the last competition of the school year.


-Need to schedule Middle School Competition, thinking April 16th- 20th.  Will get approval through school.


-Coke Rewards- Financial Transfer? Mandi will speak to Mrs. Thomas regarding this.


-2 more basketball games to sell sundaes. Tues 02/27- Will and Pam will staff. Thurs 03/01- Rey will staff. Kelly will bring 2 ice cream tubs Tues.


*Open Discussion:


-How Smile.Amazon.com works as a fundraiser?  Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your purchase to the charity of your choice.


-Fundraiser for Spring Break? Ray will look into Airtime and Pappa P’s on April 5th. If this does not work, need some suggestions on other places to participate.


*Next Meeting March 26,  2018 at 630pm