February 2017

Kent City PTCO

February Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2017


January Meeting Review/Approve:  Shannon and Mandi approved.

Principal Discussion:  Pam discussed new fundraiser options, staff leaves, upcoming events.


Board Briefs:  N/a


Roberta Scrip & Expense Reports:  Handed out and discussed.

Teacher Requests:

Mrs. Swanson request donation for after school pizza party –  Approved, Roberta to get money.

Request states: Dear PTCO Members. I am writing to request a donation for an after school pizza party on Wednesday, March 1’st at Papa Picconi’s. Some of our 3rd graders have been partnered up with a high school mentor to help them improve their reading skill. These high school mentors have freely given 7 + hours to read with our students during the month of February. I would like to thank both the mentors and the students (about 26) for making a commitment to stay after school and read. It would be greatly appreciated if a donation could be made to our program. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Karen Swanson


Tona Long request for $500 –   PTCO to cover last $100 once they have done the bulk of fundraising.

Request states:  Hello, My daughter, Megan Long and a few of the KCHS color guard girls are seriously looking into creating a winter guard for Kent City. The girls have gone to a few competitions and are excited to bring all that they have learned home. One of the girls has joined the Reeths Puffer winter guard because we do not have such an opportunity. Because I am Megan’s mom, I volunteered to go with them and propose their ideas to Johnathan Schnicke. He is completely behind the girls and suggested we start moving forward. The biggest obstacles to starting a winter guard here at Kent City are funding and enough girls. Johnathan said we would need 12-15 girls and about $7000-$8000. The girls are confident they can find enough people interested in participating. Now we need to start fundraising. Obviously we would not be looking to start up for this school year, this gives us some time. Do you think, if the girls did a presentation and wrote up a request that the PTCO might consider helping them get started? If so, could you pass on the info I will need to move forward with their request? Thank you Also, I clicked that this request would benefit both the MS and HS because we would have 8th graders involved as well as high school. The girls would also like to include both girls and boys and intend to invite all who are interested. Total we need about $8000. I have several requests out and I wanted the girls to work off some of it thought various fund raisers. This being said, would $500 be to much to ask? Ultimately we would be grateful for what ever you think you can give. We also plan on making warm-up t-shirts and placing all the sponsors names on the back.

Thank you

Tona Long


Mrs. Petruska request for volunteer to cover carnival price room – Paula to cover this.

Request states: Good afternoon. Just checking in to see if you are still willing to run the kiddie land prize room for Carnival?  This year the date is March 18th.  We would need someone to be there at 4:45pm to familiarize themselves with the room and prizes.  Hand out prizes at the beginning of the night and throughout the evening as needed.  Then clean up and do a quick inventory at the end of the evening and bring it back to the main prize room.  If you could let me know up next Tuesday I would really appreciate it. Thank you – Julie

Deb Williams for tables at Round-Up –  All set.

Request states: Hi ladies, I’m getting a jump-start on planning for our round-ups! Would you like to have a table for the PTCO at both?

Preschool Round-Up is Thursday, March 9 at 6pm  Shannon to cover.

Kindergarten Round-Up is Thursday, March 23 at 6pm  Mandy to cover.

Amber Powell request for $255-$275 – Approved via emails, is this done?  Approved.

Request states: March is Reading Month Committee needs $70-90 for e-reader $60 for 3 $20 amazon gift cards $125 for daily prizes and building decorations.


Current/Upcoming Events/Projects:


February Box Top Contest Prize:  Ice cream & Recess again?

March Popcorn Sale:  Mandi, Roberta, Sarah, Shannon to cover.

Spring Break Fundraiser:  Papa P’s in April

Scholarships:  2 $600 scholarships, will discuss specifics at next meeting.

Sundaes at Carnival:   Mandy/Sarah 530-730p, Mr Maurer 730-930p..

Sundaes at remaining Basketball Games:

3/2 – Kelly and Sarah

3/6 – Mandy

3/10 – Shannon

Open Discussion:

Open Board Position:   Shannon has resigned….Voting in New President? Mandi to email to set up quick meeting for board position?


Elementary Fundraiser Committee Meeting Recap:  Walkathon will be taken over by fundraiser committee.


Next Meeting:  March 27th 630p