August 2019 PTCO meeting minutes

Kent City PTCO August Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2019

May and July Meeting minutes discussed and approved by Riannah and Roberta. Kelly needs to put the previous months meeting minutes on the website.

July Board Briefs discussed.

Scrip & Expense Reports discussed and approved by Riannah and Kendra.

Discussed what to do about money owed to PTCO through our Script account. Legal action will be taken. Kendra will write a letter and get The offending person to sign and get notarized. Last payment was June 11, 2019, she now owes $1338.00.

No Website/ Teacher Requests for August.


Back to school T-shirts. Riannah has taken care of this with danMark and orders are coming in. They will be $8 and $10. $10 for larger sizes.

Back to school fundraiser Aug 20th. Arie was taking care of Pappa P’s. Riannah took care of AJ’s Family Fun. Fun pass is $15, sale ends Sept 29th.

Past/ Current/ Upcoming Events:

KCE Open House is August 20th. Time is 6-7pm and pictures are from 5-8pm. Riannah, Kendra, Paula, Valerie will be there. T-shirts will be sold. Roberta will get petty cash.

No table will be set up for KCMS and KCHS for the open house August 21st.

1st day of Preschool for 4 year old’s is September 3rd and 3 yr old is Sept 4th. We will set up a table for parents to have cider, mini muffins and water. This will be from 815am to 9am. Wendy, Valerie, Kendra, Arie and Danielle help with this.

Preschool open house is Aug 29th Kendra will set up an information table for this.

Snow cones will be sold at football games, the dates are:

Sep 6th- Paula and Kelly will work

Sept 20th- Wendy and Val

Sept 27th- Wendy and Kendra

Oct 4th- Paula and Kelly

Sept 20th and 27th Kelly will get ice

Kendra will head the Homecoming fundraiser dinner October 4th. Need facility request and set up a Sign on Genius for extra food and supplies that are needed. Roberta will make desserts.

First Popcorn sale is Thurs. Oct 3rd. Riannah, Roberta, Kelly and Nancy will work this.

Santa Shop will be the week of December 9th.

Box Top Competition for elementary are Oct 7-11th, Feb 3-7th and May 11-15th.

Open Discussion:

Flywheel Website has contacted us about our KC website Kelly will look into.

We will not do Party in the Park with the Principles this year.

Next Meeting is Sept. 23rd at 630pm at the park, weather permitting.