August 2018

Kent City PTCO

August Meeting Agenda  August 13, 2018

May and July meeting minutes, discussed and approved by Riannah/ Roberta.

Board Briefs approved by Riannah/ Kelly

Script & Expense Report presented by Roberta.

 -Questioned when script is done?  Every 2 weeks.

Website/ Teacher Request:

-Sara Goodrich requested funds to purchase cameras for the Digital Art Program. We agreed on the purchase of one camera. Roberta will write a check for $400.00.

We will look at a later date if one more camera can be purchased after Santa Shop is done.

-Recap Sara Schutt requesting volunteers for the Elementary Walk-A-Thon on Wed

Sept 19th at 10:00am.

-Set up for Elem. and High School at 7:00am- Wendy Loew

-During Event-  Riannah, Roberta and Valerie Zimmer

-Tear Down between 11:00 and 12:00pm- Nicole Buikema and Valerie

– We will put on Facebook page and send out an email on this.

-Wendy Loew suggested about donating money for overdue lunch accounts for kids.

-When students carry a negative balance it effects the overall school budget which could then bring up school lunch prices and other effects, so it is best to keep these accounts current.

– Around Christmas time we will call Beth in the Cafe and find out negative lunch accounts and who could use the help paying off their debt Only for the Junior High and Elem. students. High school kids can be held responsible for their own debts.  We will decide this at a later date.


-Altitude Trampoline Park and Pappa Pucciones Fundraiser is set for Thursday,

August 23rd.  Riannah put on facebook and sent out an email. If sharing on Facebook please include the Date of the event.  

-T-shirts for Open House. Turquoise shirt ordered at DanMark is $5.06 and $5.00 at Pegassis. We all agreed to go with DanMark because they have done so much for KC schools already and is in Cassnovia, which is closer to home.

-Shirt cost $7.00 will charge $8.00.

-2XL and over are $10.00.

-Need to order 350 shirts which will put the grand total for the PTCO to purchase at $1777.00.

-These shirts are to raise funds for the PTCO and any one can buy not just the students.

-Ask Sarah Schutt about past shirt orders and how many sizes should be ordered- Riannah will ask Sarah and secretary Lacy for their input.

-How should we word the advertising for the tee- shirts?

-”Get KC Eagle shirt for back to school”

-”Celebrating Eagle Elementary eagle Spirit”

-Special dates so everyone will wear their shirts at the same day. Will not wear the first day of school because the kids would prefer to dress up, maybe later on in the week?

-Preorders would be Ideal.

-Will have at open house table 8/22/18 from 6-7pm. Can pre order now and pay at the open house. Riannah will send Debby (secretary) an email of the plan. Also will ask Jody to put on the KC website.

-More fundraiser ideas:

– Five and Below- Riannah will look into.

-Arie suggested a Mom to Mom sale during the Fall festival. Need approval with Elem. school- Arie will check. Suggested $20.00 a table. Also how many tables does the Elem. have to utilize? – Arie will look into.

-PTCO room move. We did not end up moving Aug 7th due to room not cleaned and ready.  We will Make the move sometime after Santa Shop, as long as the Room is cleaned out. The current room that we are moving to is occupied by Brenda and she has asked us to help her with that. Currently no we cannot help unless someone wants to help independently.

-Homecoming dinner at El Zapopan. Homecoming is October 5th, Kendra and Riannah will meet up with El Zapopan to discussion menu and options.

-We discussed 1 taco meal with beans, rice, dessert and drink for $6.00.  3 taco meal for $10.00. Tamales @ $1.50 each. We need to really push Pre Order Sales this year for faster service.  Kendra is working on specifics. Wendy will help with Cafe set up, to make things run smoothly.

-Snow cones for Varsity Football games. The schedule has been posted and Riannah has a paper for sign-ups. Will also do a Sign-up Genius on our Facebook page. We also need to talk to Jeff from Papa P’s to make sure we can get ice- Riannah will do.

-September 4th is the first day of Preschool. Deb asked if we’d like to do donuts and coffee as we did in previous years.  We decided coffee, donuts and cider.

-Wendy and Arie will bring a Keurig for coffee.

-Riannah will bring cider.

-Donuts will be taken care of by Nicole Buikema on Sept 4th and 5th.

-Helper for Sept 4th- Wendy, Arie and Rachel

                  Sept 5th- Wendy, Arie and Rachel

-First Popcorn Sale is going to be on Thurs October 4th.  We will discuss further at next meeting.

Open discussion:

-Riannah will set up meeting in the park with Will and Pam to meet the parents. Monday, Tues or Wed after the football games so more parents can come.

-Roberta took care of the facility requests.

-We have bottle caps for Coke Rewards that need to be put in during the Double Coke Rewards timeline Valerie will take care of.

Coke Rewards PTCO earns the money.

Box Tops the school earns the money.

-On Hot football game days for 78ers, JV and Rockett football Paula and Kendra offered to help making snow cones for those events. Will play by ear.

-A suggestion was made if we could send weekly emails and update Facebook with volunteers needed for that week, make it easier for the none PTCO members to see what is needed. Riannah will do.

-Go to Roberta for petty cash, if needed for supplies with snowcones, ice cream, etc..

-Riannah will post on Facebook how to use the Box Top App to help the school earn money, with a list of instructions on how to use.

  • Riannah will walk Valerie and Kendra through how and where to get ice and supplies for Friday’s Football Game.

Next meeting is September 24th in the Administration Building.