August 2017

August​ ​2017​ ​PTCO​ ​Meeting​ ​Minutes
August 14, 2017
Meeting​ ​attended​ ​by:​ Mandi Bair, Paula Maloney, Riannah Anderson, Kelly Lanzer, Danyle
Bowers and Sarah Briggs.

June meeting minutes reviewed and approved. Motion by Sarah 2nd by Danyle.

Principal​ ​Discussion:​ N/A

Board​ ​Briefs:​ ​**Roberta e-mailed to all board members on August 22nd.**
Scrip​ ​and​ ​Expense​ ​Report:​ Roberta sent to all members for approval.

-Discussed the possibility of hosting a Scrip Tutorial in one of EL computer labs.

Upcoming​ ​Projects​ ​and​ ​Events:8/16- MS/HS Open Houses

*MS- Kelly 6-7pm. Riannah 7-8pm. Mandi will take care of flyers.
*EL pictures and packet pick up 12-7pm. Mandi will follow up with Deb. Danyle to send Scrip
Program flyer to Mandi. Flyers and e-mail sign up will be available.
8/24- Preschool Open House 9:30 am. Paula and Riannah.
8/28- 1st day of 4yo Preschool. Riannah and Paula to be present. Riannah will pick up a
dozen donuts and some donut holes. Sarah will pick up bottled water.
8/29-1st day of 3yo Preschool. Mandi to be present.
9/12-Back to School Night (6-7pm). Table with flyers and email sign-up.
Snow Cone Sales at Varsity Football Games: -Mandi and Paula to check supplies on 8/16.
-Roberta has completed facility request.
-At this time, board has decided not to sell snow cones at Rocket or JV football games.
*8/31- Parents Night. Riannah and Paula.
*9/22-Military Appreciation. Put request on Facebook.
*9/29-Homecoming. Sarah and Kelly.
*10/6- Rocket/Seniors. Put request on Facebook.
EL Walk-A-Thon on 9/20: Board decided to give 3 ($10) Chuck E. Cheese gift cards from Scrip
on Hand.
Homecoming Dinner (9/29): Sarah to e-mail cost/plate to members after discussing dinner
options with Vitales of Cedar Springs and El Zapopan of Kent City.
Popcorn Sale on 10/6: Paula to start popping about 9:30am on Thursday, 10/5.

-Discussed that Roberta has not yet filed a request with EL for reimbursement of
popcorn supply costs from 2016-2017 school year. Rather than filing for reimbursement, do we
want to just donate? Paula would like to know how much we contributed in supplies before
making a decision.

Box Top Competition(10/9-10/13):Mandi says Campbell’s Labels For Education can be
collected through 2017.

Open​ ​Board​ ​Discussion:​ ​Open positions. We have made some changes in board
appointments. President- Mandi Bair
Vice President- Riannah Anderson
Secretary- Sarah Briggs
TreasurerTresurure- Roberta Miller
Trustee- Danyle Bowers
Trustee- Kelly Lanzer
Trustee- Paula Maloney

-Discussed new fundraising ideas.
-Need boxes to organize Santa Shop items and our room. Keep eye out for boxes on
Tuesday. Will start organizing (possibly pricing?) items in room asap. Needs to be done
BEFORE popcorn can be popped on 10/5!!!
Next​ ​Meeting:​ 6:30 in Admin Building. Mandi to turn in facility request