August 2015 Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2015, 6:30 pm

July meeting minutes approval and discussion-Val motion, Danyle, 2nd.

Open house schedule, no one available to be at kindergarten open house.  Mary will drop off flyers and email sign up.
MS-Mandi, HS-Mary, EL-Val, Mary, Danyle

Mary to make “rip off” forms for open houses to encourage new volunteers.  Things to include are sno-cone sales, popcorn sales, ice cream treat sales, P/T Conference meals and HS Activity night cookie donations.

Sno-cone Sales-Home football games:

JV                                                Varsity
8/26-Mandi                                9/3
9/17-Mary                                  9/11-Val
9/24-Christine Dailey              10/2-
10/22-Christine Dailey?         10/9-

There will be a pancake breakfast on 9/12 (Fall Festival) to benefit the Elementary library at the HS cafeteria from 7-11.  We have been asked to help promote it.

We will host a Fazoli’s spaghetti dinner for homecoming on 10/9.  The time will be from 5-7 at the MS cafeteria.  Price to be $7 and we will order 175 meals.

The principals want to continue the Principal/Parent Partnership at our meetings.  Bill Crane will speak at our September meeting and Pam Thomas will speak in October.

Elementary popcorn  sales will be on the following dates: 10/2, 11/6, 1/8, 2/5, 3/4, 4/15, 5/6
Mandi to create new slip for teachers to order popcorn.

Elementary box tops contests to be held 10/19-10/23, 2/22-2/26, 5/16-5/20.

First four days of school for MS/HS, the students will be in “families.”  They will be walking the red carpet on first day and admin would like parents to take pictures of students.
Elementary would like 4-5 people at the end of first day of school to make sure kids get on correct buses.

First weekly email to include cleaning, organizing PTCO room, asking for help for sno cone sales, 1st day of school volunteers, pancake breakfast, and a reminder to save Box Tops, etc.

The 3 pt shot is a fundraiser we have been approved to do at home basketball games. In addition, selling ice cream treats.

The MS is hoping to do some fundraisers during the school year to help defray the costs of the end of the year field trips, they have asked for our help with those activities as they arise.

Meeting adjourned 8pm.