April 2019 PTCO meeting minutes

PTCO Board Meeting 4/23/19

Board Briefs approved by Riannah, Roberta, Kendra, Danyle and Arie
March Meeting Minutes approved by Riannah, Roberta, Kendra, Danyle and Arie

We have received no payments on the money owed to our Scrip account since
2/9/19. What is the next step? Riannah will take case over from Danyle and
Kendra will draft a certified letter stating that if money is not paid by a certain
date, we will go to officer Cook and charges will be pressed.
Teacher Requests
 Caryn Snyder requested $119.80 for 2 nd grade team to purchase books. Approved through e-
mail and Roberta purchased the books in need.
 Rhonda VanderWest requested for us to buy paper products and make cakes for the 5 th grade
celebration. We approved through e-mail and Roberta offered to make cakes and purchased
the supplies needed.
 Mary Clare Johnson requested some help supervising the Art Show set up on Friday, April 26 th at
the high school Arie, Kendra and Wendy are helping with this.
 Anita Kozak requested $353. For the kindergarten team for fuel and staff for the field trip to
GRCM. We approved through e-mail. We did not give them any money for their last request as
the field trip had to be canceled due to weather.
 Alyssa Anastos requested a gift card to Speedway from us for the summer reading program. We
approved a $25 gift card.
 Anita Kosak requested $70 for 6 scoop rockers for her classroom. Approved by Riannah, Arie,
Danyle, Kendra. Roberta will purchase.

Changes to Box Tops
Box tops will start to have digital box tops coming in June. We also need to watch
for Ziplock box tops with the date of 11/01/18 and ZIPB, as these are still good
and we will get credit for them. Look for more information in the future.

Box Top competition at the M.S. was last week and the winners were Mr.
Gerbers’s and Mrs. Lindaboom’s classes. Danyle let them know. Arie and
Riannah served them ice cream floats

We decided against serving snow cones at the big track invitational due to
We will serve snow cones at the meet on May 21 st . Nicole and Valerie will serve.
Jeff from Papa P’s has offered ice.

Teacher Appreciation
We did a sign-up genius for brunch for all three schools. Arie attached Crystal
light to 140 water bottles with a sweet note and delivered to all three schools.
We also gave away the 16 gift baskets/gift cards from Santa Shop that didn’t sell
as raffle drawing gifts.

Last Day Snow Cones
Senior Last Day
El was June 5 th , has been changed to May 28 th .
M.S.-Danyle will get with Amy on a date.
Preschool-May 16 th .
All approved by Danyle, Arie, Riannah, Roberta, Kendra. Paula will grab the ice.

Past/Current/Upcoming Events
 The Papa P’s fundraiser was successful. We raised $400.02. Signed and
sent thank you card at meeting.

 Popcorn sale for May is May 2 nd . Kendra, Riannah, Arie, Wendy and Nancy
will help.
 Goodbye Grahams-Riannah will discuss with Pam.

Speedway Playdough Fundraiser
Nicole asked if we would team up with Speedway to help gather new, unopened
cans of Playdough for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Kendra will make a flyer
to post to our fb page. Arie will make a collection box. We need to talk to Pam
about putting a collection box in the atrium.

Next Meeting is May 13 @ 1:30 in the Elementary
Conference Room.