April 2015 Meeting Minutes

April 27th, 2015

Mr. Crane shared information about the first four days of MS/HS for next year, including “families” and activities.

March Meeting Minutes-Roberta, motion to approve, Val, 2nd.

Treasurer and Scrip Reports-Roberta
Paula suggests we review Scrip profitability and return the $900 borrowed from general fund last September to cover overdrafts. Paula to see how much money Scrip was started with.

Pennies for Patients recap: Mrs. Freeland’s class won contest. Mary to email Mrs. Freeland about pizza party.

Scholarship-Roberta distributed copies to Val, Mandi and Paula, who will read and get back to Roberta by Wed. Val to present scholarships at senior award ceremony.

Teacher Appreciation breakfast-May 4th. Roberta ordered donuts, purchased paper products and juice, Mandi to pick up donuts and distributed to all schools.

Soar popcorn sale-May 15th, pop on 14th. Mary to p/u popcorn, oil, Flavorcol. Jessica to donate small vacuum for clean up.

Final elementary Box Tops competition-May 18-22nd. We will supply ice cream floats to top two classes.

Jessica requests sno-cones for the preschool picnic at the park on May 20th at 11:30.
Teacher requests: Mrs. Vanderwest for cakes, napkins, forks, and plates for 5th grade celebration on May 19th. OKAYED
Preschool sand-OKAYED and delivered.
2nd grade reimbursement for Butterfly Cultures-OKAYED
Barb Taylor-tote bags, organizer, etc.-OKAYED
Young 5’s-Velcro-OKAYED
Bill Crane-lunches for 7th and 8th graders trips-OKAYED
Vickie Totten-snacks for MS year end trips-OKAYED
Vickie Totten-chairs for HS library-tabled for more clarification
Tona Long-cookies and photographer for MS dance May 20th. Request to be put in email.
Lorin Sorenson-$ to reimburse mariachi dancer-OKAYED
MS/HS art teachers-cookies and punch for visitors to GRAM art show on May 9th-OKAYED
Roberta to email teachers with approvals.

By-laws-Val motions to vote, Roberta 2nd. Paula states that she does not think that board members should handle the voting process for board elections. Paula votes “no” on by-laws updates, Mary, Val, Mandi, Roberta, and Jessica vote “yes.” Danyle absent from meeting.

Board of Education update-Val
Open Discussion-Mary reports that Mr. Weiler may let us “use” Kim Greene for help with our website.

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 26th at 6:30 in administration building.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45.