April 2014

Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2014

6:30 pm

Review & Approval Minutes- approved March 2014 minutes


Treasurer’s Report – Roberta


Scrip Report – Roberta


Recently approved Teacher Requests/Website Requests/facebook Requests –

·         Mariachi Performer Stipend Request – Mrs. Sorenson, $100, approved

·         First Grade Field Trip – requested $5/student, approved $3/student

·         Caryn Snyder – OM, “I would like to request up to $245.18 for the OM elementary program to reimburse parents that spent $ solving our long term problem.  We solved the problem twice, once for regionals and once for state competition.  Any amount the PTCO donates will be given back to the families involved.” – tabled for further clarification, do not want to set a precedent to reimburse parents for extracurricular activity expenses

·         Billie Freeland help request – “I am requesting that I have help printing a book to be published on the color printer in the office. The only access to the color printer is from Ashley’s computer and Ashley does not have the time to meet with a student and print individual books. The books need to be mailed by Monday, May 5th.” – Nan to assure this gets done


Project Updates

·         Teacher Appreciation 5/5-5/9 – Roberta to order donuts, Roberta & Mandi (and friend) making muffins, Nikki getting juice, approved approximately $300 to be spent on lanyards for all teachers (Mary & Brenda to research, and order), Mary will write up poem for little tags for lanyards, Val will print, Mandi & Nikki will cut up tags

·         PTCO Scholarships – Roberta to present winners at Senior Awards Night Thurs (5/1)

·         EL Pennies For Patients – done, went well, Mrs. Snyder’s class won pizza party

·         Mom 2 Mom and More sale recap– $105 profit, sale went well, few issues with doors locking

·         EL Vision and Hearing screening – Mandi helped 4/28, Nikki 4/29, others may help when they can, “We are having Vision & Hearing screenings starting April 28 and finishing up on May 2.  If there is anyone available to help out on the st days, it would be wonderful.  She is testing the youngest first and moving to the higher grades.  The little ones will need to be walked back and forth” (from Angela Crow)

·         End of the year sno-cones – tentative 5/22 MS/HS, EL last week of school

·         PTCO Board elections-nominations were taken, will vote at May PTCO meeting.  Mary to contact all nominees to see if they accept/decline the nomination for each position nominated for.  Once list is complete, she will email the list to all board members and to those nominated.  Mary will develop a ballot, which she will e-mail to board members for approval before the May meeting

·         End of the year Sno-cones for all students – EL, part of PBIS, Nan to e-mail Mr. Crane regarding providing to secondary students as well.

·         Update PTCO bylaws – Paula updated the bylaws so that they could be submitted to the state with taxes.

·         Update Website – Mary ongoing



·         Val’s fundraising idea tabled until next school year.  Jessica suggested we talk to Admin prior to next school year to discuss what fundraisers and when to do at each school.


Discussion Points

·         Board of Education: Val

·         Grassroots Update: no update

·         EL School Improvement Meeting Update:  Paula

·         MS/HS School Improvement Meeting Update:  Paula

·         Next meeting: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 6:30pm Administration Building (note date change due to Memorial Day Holiday), Jess to make sure facility request change has been made

Meeting Adjourned – 7:50pm