June 2017

June 26th, 2017, 6:30 pm
March Meeting Minutes-Motion to accept-Roberta, 2nd- Mandi
Scrip and Expense Reports-Roberta
Teacher Requests-Rich Benham, $632 for Archery Equipment (Approved) and Nelson, Taylor, Laperna-$ for Sitspots (Approved via email)
Upcoming Events/Projects-school open houses.  Since EL is not planning a traditional open house, but rather a 7 hour window to pick up packets and get pictures taken, we will just have flyers and an email sign up put out on a table.
Will discuss staffing MS/HS tables at next meeting.
Pre-K open house (8/24, 9:30 am) Paula will staff.
Planning to sell sno-cones at 4 Varsity football games this fall, need to fill out a facility request (Roberta says she will), Do we also want to try to sell at JV or Rocket?
EL Walk-a-Thon, (9/20), they will need volunteers and prizes.
Homecoming dinner-Sarah to research having Mexican restaurant or her in-laws restaurant cater rather than Fazoli’s.
Open Discussion: Open board positions-Discussion whether to have a special election or do appointments. Idea to have special election in September for Secretary and President.  In the mean time, Sarah and Kelly to try to figure out how to put meeting minutes on website.
Next meeting-August 14th, 6:30 in park (early due to early start of school and need to get things in place sooner.)