Current ScripNow and Reloads

We realize it isn’t always convenient or possible to plan far enough ahead to purchase physical scrip cards for your purchases. But there are two very convenient options to take use the program without ever leaving your desk chair.


ScripNow is an entirely online option for using Scrip. You purchase a gift card online through the Shop with Scrip website and almost instantly receive a code in your email inbox. You can then use that code to pay online at the selected merchant. Sixty one merchants offer this option including, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Amazon, Best Buy, Groupon, etc. Some also give you the option of printing the certificate with the code and redeeming at a physical location.


Reloading an existing physical Scrip card is an option more merchants are offering. Many of the gas stations currently offering. Target and Burger King also offer this option. To take advantage of the reloading option, just register your gift card on the Shop with Scrip website. Select the merchant and click reload. You can even choose the amount you want added to the card. You are NOT limited to value of the original card. The best part is that it takes only overnight for the money to be added to your card.

To use either of these convenient Scrip options, you must set up your PrestoPay account on the Shop with Scrip website. Setting up the PrestoPay account takes approximately 3 days, so get started now.