Learn how to use Scrip

September 12, 2017- Join us at 6:15 OR 6:45 in the lower elementary computer lab during Back-to-School Night to learn how you can become involved in our Scrip program- earning money for the school AND towards your child’s expenses, such as school lunches, field trips, or athletic fees!

Summer Scrip Changes

During the months of July and August, we will be ordering Scrip cards on the 15th of the month rather than every other Friday. All other Scrip ordering (such as Scrip Now, and Reload) will stay the same. If you would like more information on how to get started earning money for your students to use for any school expenses, please contact Danyle Bowers at danylebowers@hotmail.com

Summer Scrip Orders

As in previous summers, scrip orders will continue to take place every two weeks even during the summer months.  Scrip is an awesome way to raise money that allows the PTCO to help fund events/items for Kent City students.  In addition, one half of the money that your order raises, YOU can use to get reimbursed for school-related fees/costs (for example: school lunches, field trip costs, band fees, athletic fees, senior bash fees, etc).  This summer would be a GREAT time to get started using scrip, if you haven’t already done so.  It is so easy to order, and once you get started, all ordering can be done online!  Please contact Danyle Bowers (danylebowers@hotmail.com) to get started or with any questions.

Ready, Set, Reload

Important Scrip News from ShopWithScrip.com!

Every time your families use Reload or ReloadNow® to add funds to gift cards on ShopWithScrip.com between May 25 and June 7, they’ll be automatically entered to win their share of over $1000 in prizes! Ten families will win an extra $100 dollars added onto one of their gift cards eligible for Reload, and one of those families will also win a custom scrip banner for their organization.

Reload and ReloadNow are easy, convenient options on ShopWithScrip® that let families register gift cards online and add funds to them. When they pay with PrestoPay™ and Reload, funds will be added the next day*, and with ReloadNow they’ll be available in minutes! If they pay by check, the order will be processed as soon as you release it.



Walmart now available via ScripNow!!!

WalMart Logo - ScripNowWalmart is now available in ScripNow!  That’s right; your families can purchase and print Walmart eCards on ShopWithScrip.com.  Saving money while earning rebates for your organization just got easier.

ScripNow can be ordered and printed right from a family’s ShopWithScrip® account, so it’s perfect for last-minute purchases at any Walmart and Sam’s Club* store locations or online at Walmart.com and SamsClub.com.  To order Walmart ScripNow, families simply log in to their ShopWithScrip account and select the ScripNow product choice.  Your families won’t have to wait for a plastic gift card to ship when they can print an eCard at home anytime!  Walmart ScripNow have the same 2.5% rebate, and is available in $10 increments from $10 to $1,000.

If you have questions about using ScripNow, PrestoPay or ShopWithScrip.com contact us today. We will be happy to help.

Current ScripNow and Reloads

We realize it isn’t always convenient or possible to plan far enough ahead to purchase physical scrip cards for your purchases. But there are two very convenient options to take use the program without ever leaving your desk chair.


ScripNow is an entirely online option for using Scrip. You purchase a gift card online through the Shop with Scrip website and almost instantly receive a code in your email inbox. You can then use that code to pay online at the selected merchant. Sixty one merchants offer this option including, Old Navy, Aeropostale, Amazon, Best Buy, Groupon, etc. Some also give you the option of printing the certificate with the code and redeeming at a physical location.


Reloading an existing physical Scrip card is an option more merchants are offering. Many of the gas stations currently offering. Target and Burger King also offer this option. To take advantage of the reloading option, just register your gift card on the Shop with Scrip website. Select the merchant and click reload. You can even choose the amount you want added to the card. You are NOT limited to value of the original card. The best part is that it takes only overnight for the money to be added to your card.

To use either of these convenient Scrip options, you must set up your PrestoPay account on the Shop with Scrip website. Setting up the PrestoPay account takes approximately 3 days, so get started now.