November 2012

Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2012


Review & Approval Minutes- not done due to not having the October minutes typed up

Bill Crane, MS/HS Principal

  • Request for PTCO to pay for MS/HS staff holiday party 1/19/13 @ Brann’s

Approximately $750 (8.99 per person). Val going to check if he can use Brann’s scrip cards to pay for the bill – approved

  • Request for PTCO to pay for sack lunches for the 7th & 8th grade end of year field trips, approximately $500 ($2.50 per student) – approved

Treasurers Report – Roberta

Scrip Report – Brandie absent, Roberta reported on account balance

Project Updates

  • Reading Night:  Roberta, Paula & Nikki getting supplies for craft. Volunteers needed to help that night
  • Santa Shop:  note went home for donations for wrapping supplies and volunteers for set-up and working at Santa Shop
  • Sundaes for Scholarships:  Paula organizing schedule, Roberta purchasing supplies to get started
  • Label Contest:  PTCO taking over box tops/label counting, Pennies for Patients, etc for MS


  • Chuck-e-Cheese:  11/27/12 3-9pm, need a PTCO member there at all times
  • Fazoli’s Spaghetti Dinner:  2/19/13 5-7pm, need to pre-sell tickets

Discussion Points

  • Calendar:  Jessica has it and is updating it
  • Brandie to back up list serve and put on a school computer so e-mails/updates can be sent out from school
  • Elementary School Improvement Update:  Paula
  • MS/HS School Improvement Update:  Paula & Mary
  • Need to create a PTCO scrip account to use when buying gift cards for the school
  • Danyle documented all usernames and passwords that she has and will place them in file cabinet in volunteer room at Elementary
  • Approved Mrs. Kosak’s request for storage bins, will purchase with $125 Meijer scrip cards
  • In December, PTCO needs to approve October and November Meeting Minutes
  • Board of Education Update:  Valerie

Meeting Adjourned – 7:45pm