Meeting Minutes May 2012

Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2012
Members Present:
Paula Maloney, Stacy Smith, Valerie Mead, Jessica McKinley, Brandie Sigler, Rhonda Vanderwest, Roberta Miller
Call to Order-6:12
Treasurers Report-$4254.26

Live PTCO Board vote & tally from on line vote:
Motion to accept Board Members for May 2012-May2014, V.Mead, 2nd, Roberta Miller
President-Paula Maloney
Vice President-Mary Wilson
Treasurer-Roberta Miller
Secretary-Brandie Sigler
School Support Coordinator-Danyle Bowers
Community Liaison-Val Mead
Fund Raising Coordinator-Jessica McKinley
Voted “yes” to two year term for Executive Board Members
***New Board assumes duties at the next PTCO meeting Tuesday June 19, 2012

New Business
-Cazz Daze June 23-Sell Snow cones, Brenda Shafer has kids games, Paula will run the games with Brenda, Sawdust from Roberta, Roberta will sell mini cupcakes, we will also sell lanyards and bracelets. Paula will coordinate the craft sale.
-Sno-cone Brandie will create or search a One-page Rental Agreement, $5 rebate
-Women’s Expo @ Kent City Baptist August 11, 2012 9-2 sno-cones, same craft as Cazz Daze.
-Teacher Request –voted yes on: HS & MS Media Center, $500 each, Marie Davis Scissors, SCRIP Banner. –voted to get more info on Camp Scholarships (it was recommended to offer 10, $20 scholarships) and Spanish Dictionaries. Discussion to revise the on line form to have more specific information included for request.
-SCRIP Update-checking acct dedicated to SCRIP has been set-up, All is going well, need more prepay activity, Brandie will start bringing Reports to PTCO meetings,
-State Track Meet, Memorial Day Weekend-Snow cone workers: Paula, Danyle, Carla 10-5 pm, Athletic Boosters are donating ice.
Committee Updates
Scholarship: Val, Stacy, Mary-Savannah Seelye and Jeanne Wilson were awarded $500 scholarships each at the senior awards night on May 15. Roberta Miller and Paula Maloney presented. It was discussed that the presentation be more “off the cuff” for next year. (Paula will replace Stacy on this committee for future.)
College Awareness: Val, Mary
WE (Kent City Pride) Committee: Danyle, Christine, Brenda, Mary
Santa Shop: Danyle, Christine, Paula, Brandie, Brenda
Middle School Party-MORP-try harder to get more response or have PTCO reimburse if same people are only ones donating!
Board of Education Update
-Lions Club (Bob Sarachman) presented $1000 to Karen Swanson and Pam Thomas for Elem technology
-MITCA was mentioned
-Taylor Nowicki, student voice, spoke about tablet turn in and that Prom was a success
-Budget-estimated 25 student decrease and decrease in Migrant students because of crops, $130,000 decrease in budget
-Approval of resignations: Tim Stravelor, Cody Copus, Joe Pakalnis
-Approval of Director of Administrative Services: Greg Apkarian
-Approval of Bullying Policy
School Improvement Team Updates
Val will email Bill Crane to be put on High School/Middle School
Next Meeting-Tuesday June 19 @ 6:00 PM
Open Discussion
Volunteer of the Year Award went to Carla Campbell
East Grand Rapids Scenario to raise money was discussed
Motion to Adjourn