March 2013

Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2013


Announcement of Position Changes – Paula announced Mary to fill secretary position due to Brandie’s resignation, and Christine to fill Mary’s vacant position as VP

Review & Approval Minutes- approved Nov 2012, Dec 2012, and Feb 2013 minutes

Treasurers Report – Roberta

Scrip Report – Roberta gave report.  After Spring Break, PTCO to start selling scrip on hand on Friday’s in EL atrium after school when parents are picking up their children, Jessica to fill out facility use request form

Teacher Requests

  • Request to help head up KC’s Relay For Life (in Sparta), too late for this year, but next year we can put the word out to look for a volunteer for that, if necessary
  • Foreign Exchange Student program requested host families, Mary will check with high school staff to see if that is something the PTCO should get involved in?
  • Both the above requests were technically not teacher requests, so Brandie added a “Contact The PTCO” section on our PTCO website for community members/others to contact us
  • Kim Stockhill gave back the $50 the PTCO had provided her to purchase a new CD player, she found hers

Project Updates

  • Kindergarten Round-Up – next year PTCO will only be there for Kindergarten, not Preschool
  • 5th Grade Popcorn Sales – two more to take place still, PTCO to purchase brown bags
  • Pennies For Patients at EL – will take place in April, will provide sno-cones for winning class
  • Carnival – next year would like to sell Sundaes for Scholarships, in addition to providing workers for the Kiddie Land prize station
  • Sock Drive – organize pizza party for winning class, PTCO to count socks next week
  • Labels For Education at MS – done end of March, PTCO to organize pizza party for winning class
  • Teacher Appreciation – Secretaries (4/24) and Principals (5/1) cards only, Teachers (5/6) breakfast at EL, MS, and HS that week, Val to look into making cards, also need gift ideas (Chinese take-out containers decorated & filled with candy?).  Will finalize plans at April mtg


  • Recap Chuck-e-Cheese:  3/18/13 $302.30
  • Recap Fazoli’s Spaghetti Dinner – next year maybe coincide with basketball game at which Kindergarteners sing National Anthem, worth Jessica’s time and effort
  • Galaxy Pizza – Jessica to look into another fundraiser date in April
  • Roller Fox – 4/2/13 1-3pm, will put on PTCO website and fb, and flyers will go home
  • Entertainment Book – company filed bankruptcy
  • Recap Mom 2 Mom Sale –3/9/13, $255
  • Jessica is looking into doing fundraiser events at Buffalo Wild Wings in May, and Chuck-e-Cheese again in June, also looking into a “water fun activity” for July possibly at the KC fire barn
  • Planning on selling sno-cones at Team State Track Meet at Kent City 5/25/13 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Discussion Points

  • Voted to provide two (2)- $600 scholarships this year since we raised enough money with Sundaes For Scholarships to provide that
  • Board of Education/Grassroots Update:  Mary
  • EL School Improvement Meeting Update:  Paula
  • MS/HS School Improvement Meeting Update:  Paula & Mary
  • Roberta to complete and file 990N Tax Form on behalf of the PTCO

Meeting Adjourned – 7:35pm