April 2013

Kent City PTCO Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2013


Review & Approval Minutes- approved March 2013 minutes

Treasurers Report – Roberta

Scrip Report – Roberta, going to transfer $1000 scrip money from scrip checking to scrip savings account

Teacher Requests – none outstanding

  • Two approved in the last month for non-fiction books, requested from Mrs. Coxon and Mrs. Snyder

 Project Updates

  • PBIS Bake Sale – 5/2/13, need help obtaining individually wrapped baked goods
  • 5th Grade Popcorn Sales – one more to take place still, PTCO didn’t end up purchasing brown bags, had already been purchased, need a helper for Thursday  8am (4/25/13)
  • Pennies For Patients at EL – will take place in April, will provide sno-cones for winning class, ending 5/3/13, need penny counters the next 2 Fridays (4/26 & 5/3), 10 am EL office
  • Labels For Education at EL – 5/6/13-5/17/13, sno-cones to winning class
  • Tatoo Sales – 5/23/13 & 5/24/13, 10:30-12:45, need helpers
  • Administrative Professionals Day (secretary day)– 4/24/13, Roberta to get 7 cards, fill 7 “Chinese take- out containers” with key chains & candy, and going to deliver the gifts
  • Principal’s Day – 5/1/13, Roberta to do the same gift & card idea for 4 Pricipals
  • Teacher Appreciation – Christine to organize Teacher breakfasts for each school (5/6 – EL, 5/8 – MS, 5/9 – HS), will need help with set-up & clean-up, and food donations, Roberta to fill (candy & keychains) & decorate Chinese take-out containers.
  • PTCO Scholarship (9 applicants) – Roberta to mark essays so they can be read and “graded” anonymously.  Paula, Christine, and Val to select recipients.  Senior Awards


  • Galaxy Pizza – Jessica to look into another fundraiser date
  • Recap Roller Fox – 4/2/13 $202
  • Planning on selling sno-cones at Team State Track Meet at Kent City 5/25/13 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Discussion Points

  • Mandi to research purchasing 2 price guns for Santa Shop
  • Board of Education: Val
  • EL School Improvement Meeting Update:  Paula
  • MS/HS School Improvement Meeting Update:  Mary
  • Discussed having a special meeting after school is out to discuss updates to PTCO website, facebook page, and changes to bylaws
  • Next meeting Wed 5/22/13 1:00pm EL Conference Room

Meeting Adjourned – 7:50pm